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25. November 2019

Schulergänzungsbau IGP Berlin Pankow

Contract Award: General planner services for temporary supplementary school buildings

Together with our partner office bauplanung plauen gmbh, we are happy to announce that we have been awarded all 3 lots of the school project in Berlin Pankow.


21. November 2019

Shangmai Airport

Airport Shangmai2

Internationally active on site.


27. November 2019




Under IGP construction management, the office and commercial building at Düsseldorf's Media Harbour was completed on 30 September. We are delighted about the successful completion of this exciting project. 

13. November 2019

Erfolgreicher Abschluss: Rick Tiedmann und Herr Paul Sanwald IGP

Successful Bachelor Students

Congratulations on your top finish!


17. November 2019

HHU Duesseldorf

Faculte Clubs

The university's construction project is now nearing completion of the award phase. Together with the clients, we are looking forward to the early start of the implementation measures.

5. November 2019

Misdoyer Str. Berlin

Misdroyer Straße

Following the successful completion of the project, the keys have now been handed over to the new tenants.

30. October 2019

Metis System AG KI gewinnt Wettbewerb bmwi

innovation winners

Metis Systems AG wins innovation competition of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


24. October 2019

Expo Real 2019 - IGP - [überbau]


The EXPO Real is always worth a visit and those who weren't there this year really missed something!


9. October 2019

Pachyderm House Berlin

The project takes on more and more shape and soon starts a new phase.


29. September 2019


– Project start –

Mainzer Landstraße

We start with a meaningful feasibility study & first cost calculations with the new Frankfurt project. The aim is to convert the 2-storey lounge area of the office building into additional offices. This would create a new gross floor area of almost 1,000m² close to the Frankfurt railway station.

20. September 2019


We are right in the middle and live - visit us on site.


18. September 2019

Sport against violence

Sport against violence

IGP supports the poster campaign "Sport against Violence". Not only to place sports clubs as meaningful leisure activities, but also to keep children and adolescents off the streets by joining sports clubs and to combat so-called initial offences such as theft and damage to property. Telephone numbers for contacts are communicated directly over the posters, so that the association entrance for the young people and children is as uncomplicated as possible.

10. September 2019


new apprentices

We successfully train

If you want to have really good experts in your team tomorrow, you have to take care of it today. All the more reason for us to be happy about the start of our new trainees!


13. September 2019

Film set “Construction site”

ProSiebenSat1 already shows during the development phase how spectacular the future campus in Unterföhring can be used. In coordination with the IGP, the "rules of the game" for the shooting were discussed and the aliens were allowed to fly in for the film to the media group's internal summer party.

31. August 2019

3D visualizations igp

3D visualizations

When and why we create 3D visualizations and animations for our customers.