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3D visualizations


3D visualizations igp

While architects and engineers can already have a very clear idea of what the future object should look like, how it can ideally be used and which problems need to be solved in advance, this is often difficult even for trained clients. Fortunately, this is where the strengths of visualizations and animations come into play.

No matter if photorealistic or without details, these help not only to give the customer an impression of the finished object. They also serve as virtual walk-throughs to better assess the effect of rooms. In particular, as animations simulating a daily process, they help to support decision making in the case of multiple implementation options.

This is also the case in the example of one of our customers. There were three variants of the entrance area to choose from. Thanks to the simulation, a decision could be made quickly because the decisive persons could get a direct impression of the effect including possible obstructions or errors of the different variants.