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Visible construction progress with ProSiebenSat.1

The carcass work in the 1st construction phase is progressing rapidly here.

On the technical floor in the 2nd basement, most of the slab areas have already been concreted. And after the rising walls were completed in all areas, the water drainage could be switched off. The outer walls were sealed, the areas filled in and the cleanliness layer was placed. In other areas, the floor slab for the 1st basement level has already been concreted, some of which is around 2.0 m thick. With a public holiday break of 2 weeks, the further structural work will start again on 07.01.

Baustellenansicht von oben - ProSiebenSat1 - IGP

Topping-out ceremony Munich Freiham

On 18 October 2019 the topping-out ceremony for 2019 apartments was held in Munich Freiham Nord.

The IGP team of the project was almost completely represented and the topping-out wreath was pulled up in wonderful autumn weather. This was not the only feat of strength in the project. The original completion date for Building 5 was at the end of February 2020, but for political reasons the first occupation of Building 5 should take place this year.

The schedules were adjusted with great commitment and massive acceleration measures were developed for Building 5. Much to the delight of the client and the new tenants, the IGP team made it possible to move into 28 apartments in December.

3D visualizations

While architects and engineers can already have a very clear idea of what the future object should look like, how it can ideally be used and which problems need to be solved in advance, this is often difficult even for trained clients. Fortunately, this is where the strengths of visualizations and animations come into play.

No matter if photorealistic or without details, these help not only to give the customer an impression of the finished object. They also serve as virtual walk-throughs to better assess the effect of rooms. In particular, as animations simulating a daily process, they help to support decision making in the case of multiple implementation options.

This is also the case in the example of one of our customers. There were three variants of the entrance area to choose from. Thanks to the simulation, a decision could be made quickly because the decisive persons could get a direct impression of the effect including possible obstructions or errors of the different variants.

a-ja Resort – Ruhpolding

A beautiful mountain backdrop, magnificent forests, a picturesque three-lake landscape – and right in the middle the new 4-star resort of a-ja. We are happy about the opening of the wellness hotel in Ruhpolding under the project management of Gabriele Seiboth and would like to take this opportunity to thank her and everyone involved for the successful cooperation.

Click here for more information about the project: a-ja Resort Ruhpolding

Munich Freiham

The project Munich Freiham is taking shape more and more. While the houses 2 and 4 of 6 are still mainly in the foundation work and you have begun at the house number 3 with the earthworks, the basements of houses number 1 and 5 were already almost completed. House 6 will follow shortly.

Background Information:

In the Munich Freiham different owners build a small satellite town and create much needed new living space. In the first of a total of three GWG quarters, eight residential buildings with a total of 214 apartments, two nurseries, as well as a neighborhood council and a property management company are being built. Further information can be found on the website of GWG München.

Under the project management of Mr Marko Mühmel and Mr Simon an Haack as Junior Project Leader, the IGP looks after the project in the service phases 6 to 9.

New Campus

The construction of the P7S1 headquarters in Munich officially began with the groundbreaking ceremony.

ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE is building a new campus area in Unterföhring with our support in order to bring together the entire company and its approximately 5,000 employees in a state-of-the-art new building.