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IGP CEO Dominik Freytag invited to


igp freytag

The journalist and moderator Dr. Brinkmann, interviewed Mr. Freytag, as a member of the IGP board, about our projects of the IGP Group.

The programme “Standort Berlin” was broadcast on 25.07.2020, directly after “Die Woche” and can now be seen on the YouTube channel of “Standort Berlin – Rapid development around the BER“.

Dr. Brinkmann has made a name for himself as a journalist, editor and chief correspondent for the topics of politics, economics and law and has been moderating for since 2002.

However, he is best known for his legendary press conference on the opening of the Berlin Wall with the head of the Berlin SED, Günter Schabowski. Brinkmann’s question about the entry into force of the new regulation was answered by Schabowski with the much quoted sentence: “As far as I know … this will happen immediately, immediately.

In an interview, Dr. Brinkmann spoke with Mr. Freytag about the IGP’s projects in Berlin, such as on the Museum Island, in Neukölln, in Pankow and in Waltersdorf. In particular, the development and early completion of Berlin’s BER airport was the focus of attention.