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Lean Construction Management bei IGP


In the future, the IGP will increasingly focus on the use of Lean Construction Management methods for even more efficient site support.

Reasons for Lean Construction Management

In times of increasing time and cost pressure, as well as more and more people involved in the project, it is not only mistakes that can creep in quickly and unnoticed, but also projects can be lengthened unnecessarily, conflicts arise between those involved and construction projects lose their quality.
This is exactly where Lean Construction Management comes in and ensures

  • efficient fulfillment of clients’ needs and goals through a holistic approach and planning of the project
  • Value enhancement and quality assurance through very precise and coordinated planning
  • Reduction of resource wastage through cross-process planning and optimization

Achievements and Expansion

Our lean team in Munich is already successfully using the lean management method among others in the BMW FIZ project. In order for all projects to be able to benefit from this efficient method in the future, the IGP trains all site managers and thus contributes significantly to the success of the construction projects.