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Munich Freiham


The project Munich Freiham is taking shape more and more. While the houses 2 and 4 of 6 are still mainly in the foundation work and you have begun at the house number 3 with the earthworks, the basements of houses number 1 and 5 were already almost completed. House 6 will follow shortly.

Background Information:

In the Munich Freiham different owners build a small satellite town and create much needed new living space. In the first of a total of three GWG quarters, eight residential buildings with a total of 214 apartments, two nurseries, as well as a neighborhood council and a property management company are being built. Further information can be found on the website of GWG München.

Under the project management of Mr Marko Mühmel and Mr Simon an Haack as Junior Project Leader, the IGP looks after the project in the service phases 6 to 9.