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Pachyderm house reconstruction


Pachyderm house reconstruction

As reported, we have been enthusiastically involved in the conversion of the pachyderm house at Tierpark Berlin since 2018, the redesign of which was carried out in close cooperation with the director and the caretakers of the zoo.

The construction of the pachyderm house at Tierpark Berlin was officially announced in February. As the centrepiece of a future African landscape, the existing pachyderm house is to be fundamentally rebuilt. According to the motto “More space for animals, less space for visitors”, the area in the house for the animals alone is to increase almost tenfold. In the course of the conversion, all elephants will initially leave Tierpark Berlin in the first half of 2020 and move to other zoos.

The conversion is expected to cost about 35.4 million euros and will take about two years. IGP continues to accompany the project on the TGA side with great pleasure during the conversion and renovation of the building.

Further information and pictures of the project can be found on the zoo’s website:

A kingdom for elephants