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Munich Freiham

Munich Freiham

Munich Freiham

In the first of a total of three GWG quarters in Munich-Freiham, eight residential buildings with a total of 214 apartments, two day-care centers as well as a neighborhood center and a property management company are being built. The buildings are connected by two underground garages with 160 parking spaces.

The individual houses have a mix of different apartment types according to the rental subsidy models: the range extends from 1-room apartment to 5-room apartment.

Part of the apartments will be adapted for the disabled. Design features are the plaster facades with a floor-by-floor horizontal structure, as well as the projecting bay windows on the back of the building. They cause a close interlocking of the green inner courtyard with the living spaces.

The facades are characterized by spacious loggia glazing and floor-to-ceiling single windows, which are shifted in the individual floors to each other. The loggias on the street side receive glass sliding walls that reduce traffic-related noise.

The facades facing the green areas receive external textile curtains as sun protection, emphasizing the intimate character of the inner courtyard.

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