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Sanierung des Casinos Esplanade Hamburg

Refurbishment Casinos Esplanade, Hamburg

Refurbishment Casinos Esplanade, Hamburg

The new location on the edge of the city center between Cinemaxx and Opera and the building of the former hotel “Esplanade” were ideal conditions both from the perspective of the casino and the city.

Of the historical substance of the former luxury hotel of 1907, it was only preserved in the façade, but with its strong architectural presence in the urban space, this was of great importance for the casino. It was the aim of the architecture to continue the aura that is built for the visitor through the historic façade, through glamorous and atmospherically dense interiors, but with the means of a modern architecture.

The historical spatial structure with its axiality and the impressive spatial sequences on the ground floor and the central staircase have been restored. In the wall and ceiling claddings of brass slats, glossy or leather-veneered panels, the complex building and safety technology and the lighting has been integrated.

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