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Retail Store Rhein Center Köln

Retail Store Rhein Center Köln

Retail Store Rhein Center Köln

The task was to realize a complete conversion of a retail space for a well-known electronics store in an existing shopping mall.

For this purpose, among other things, all building services plumbing, sprinklers, ventilation, ELT, data networks had to be rebuilt.
The new construction of a high-consuming interior for the sales room (floor, wall and ceiling clothing, furniture) had to be realized, and the ongoing operation of the mall.

The entire sales area was at the explicit request of the client in terms of dimensions 100% exactly according to the drawings implemented, without any dimensional tolerance. Joints in floors, walls, ceilings, as well as the location of sprinkler heads, lighting and other fixtures were aligned with millimeter precision in the entire sales area.

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